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I used the flash cards on 5 students whose letter recognition was 3/26 or at the most 10/26. Each day brought different results, but we were at a stand still.... they weren’t improving. I started your flash cards on a Monday, by Wednesday they were at at 16/26, 23/26, 21/26, 25/26 & 14/26. This week I actually believe that 4 of the 5 kinders will achieve 100%.
What makes this a great situation for me is that 3 of the students were picking up on their sounds...sooo now, for them, their writing is taking off. I used the flash card individually and in small group. I have already met with a Filipino mom so that it is being modeled correctly at home. Thank you!!!! Kinder Teacher in Hawaii!!!
— H. Graham, Kindergarten Teacher
Wow! I was really struggling with my TK/K class this year. 18 out of the 23 entered knowing fewer than 5 letters (most of those knew 0) and they weren’t making much progress with my normal strategies. I got them working on these cards daily with me in their small groups and boom - most are above 20 letters just 15 days later! I am pretty amazed! I don’t often come across such effective resources, ... this one is a keeper.
— Kindergarten Teacher (after using the letter recognition program)
I cannot say thank you enough for this amazing product! I am overjoyed with the cards! I have a student who knew 0 letters after 9 weeks in school. On Monday he knew 0/26 now (Thursday) he can recognize 14/26 consistently and recognize them elsewhere in the classroom. We thought ok maybe he won’t remember tomorrow but he is so excited that he remembers now! It seriously has changed this little boys outlook on learning. He asked to do more letters today instead of center time. I have been recommending your product to anyone I know that could use this type of resource!Thank you SO SO much! I was feeling very discouraged!!!! I truly appreciate you! Thank you for making such a wonderful product!
— Kindergarten Teacher
I am a kindergarten teacher and had 6 students who knew none of their letters. I purchased your cards and within 3 weeks those 6 students now know 95% of their letters. I am so impressed and in love with your product. Thank you for inventing it and selling it. I will definitely start the school year off with it next year and tell all of my fellow educators about it (Let’s be honest I already have)! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
— Kindergarten Teacher

I have to say that I was skeptical. I just didn’t know what results this program of letter identification would provide my students. I was so overwhelmed with the outcome!! I had a student that I had tried everything with and then I thought, “ok, I’m going to give this a shot, too!” My student gained 13 letters in one day!!! I wanted to cry! I then heard this student reciting word for word the sayings to another struggling student so I knew it wasn’t that it just finally “clicked.” It was your program that finally that met her learning needs and I am forever grateful for giving me a tool to use as I continue my teaching career. Thank you is not enough—you are my teaching HERO!!

This was exactly what I needed. I had two students who could not remember some of the letter names from one day to the next. Within days, they could both remember the ones that had been giving them trouble. One of them knew all the letter sounds if you told him the letter name, but when he missed one thing, he would give up. I had been concerned that he would need to be retained. Now that he is able to recognize all the letters, he is reading everything he sees! Thank you Mister Smith!This helped one of my struggling students tremendously.

Thank you so much! It's amazing how just only in a few days he is recognizing the letters! I'm truly amazed that my two year old is doing the same. I have finally found a system that would help me to teach as well as help my children to learn all at the same time! Thank you for taking the time out to create this and to share!!!!

It absolutely works!! Used with whole RTI group and they all now confidently know all upper and lower case letters!!! Thank you Mr. Smith!

I’ve been teaching for 23 yrs and believe me I’ve tried it all. This, for whatever reason, really works. I am truly impressed with this product.

I'm a little bit stunned at how quickly my daughter caught on to the lower case letters. I was going to quiz her one more time and she took the stack of cards from my hand and quickly recited the correct name for each letter. I just ordered the sound card bundle!

This is the only thing that I have found that finally got to my child. He has improved in just 2 days-- from 12 letters to 20. I am floored and so thankful. I didn't think he would ever improve. Just an awesome resource. 

This helped one of my struggling students tremendously.

I have had some students that still were not getting their letters and sounds. I am so excited that since I started using this, they have be come abc experts. Thank you!

This is a wonderful resource! My students have made great gains with this program. I can't wait to start the year with the program.

This resource has been extremely beneficial to my first graders who are still struggling with letter recognition. I would love to have an individual page (similar to a desk tag) with all the letters. Is it possible you could make one? Thank you!

LOVE! My low students have learned all of their letters in a short time. I even tested them after Christmas Break and they still remembered them.

I have tried everything to help my struggling kindergarten students master their letters, and I finally found something that is working for them!

Thank you! The week I started using this, even my lowest students began opening up and recognizing letters! Excited!

I absolutely love this resource! It is so exciting to see my kiddos that have been struggling to learn their letters get them! What a great product. :)

This logographic system WORKS!! Thank you so much. It is just what my student with LI needed! :)

This has been a fantastic resource for my kids that struggle to learn the letters and sounds!

This was extremely helpful! I have been using it to work with my low scholars that are having a hard time grasping letters!

These have helped some of my students learn a handful more letters in just two weeks time!

Amazing! It has helped my ones that struggle!

These are wonderful!! I suggest them to anyone with kids who doesn't know their alphabet yet!!

Started using this program last week and I can already see improvement with several of my Pre-K students after one week.

This has helped my lower students improve their letter recognition SO much!

“Mister Smith’s Learning program has allowed my struggling, low-motivation learners to quickly access their letters and sounds. It is not the ‘same old’ flashcards. The students know that it is fun but that ti isn’t a game- it is learning that they are succeeding at!  The multi-sensory approach has provided multiple access points, or hooks, for learners who haven’t met with success using traditional flash cards, daily practice and other approaches. In a short amount of daily time over only a few weeks, learners that took 4 weeks to learn 5 letters have learned all 26 letter names. The data shows an equally rapid learning pace for letter sounds as well. I am excited to be able to start my struggling learners off with these cards at the beginning of the year so that they can close the gap in their knowledge quickly ”


“I have been using Mister Smith’s Letter Recognition Program in my classroom this year. The students that I work with have IEP’s and many cannot identify or name letters when using traditional flashcards. My struggling students have made amazing gains this year due to Mister Smith’s Program. I look forward to using this program as well as the sound cards and CVC word cards in years to come. ”


“I had several students that were struggling to learn their letters, even after several weeks of working with them. I started using Mister Smith’s program and there was a marked difference in their letter recognition in only a few days. The cards are so easy for teachers and parents to use and my students love using them! Not only did these struggling students have success in learning letters and sounds, they also gained a lot of confidence! If you are looking for an easy and engaging way to teach letters and sounds, you should check out Mister Smith’s products. ”