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Mister Smith's Sound Cards can be used to introduce letter sounds to young students. They can be used to introduce the concept of blending. They can be used for CVC words. They can be used for simple blending practice. The letters look like their sound so students will be able to practice reading even if they do not have a strong connection between their sound and symbols. These cards have proven to be very helpful to young learners and struggling learners. 

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Mister Smith’s Learning program has allowed my struggling, low-motivation learners to quickly access their letters and sounds. It is not the ‘same old’ flashcards. The students know that it is fun but that ti isn’t a game- it is learning that they are succeeding at!  The multi-sensory approach has provided multiple access points, or hooks, for learners who haven’t met with success using traditional flash cards, daily practice and other approaches. In a short amount of daily time over only a few weeks, learners that took 4 weeks to learn 5 letters have learned all 26 letter names. The data shows an equally rapid learning pace for letter sounds as well. I am excited to be able to start my struggling learners off with these cards at the beginning of the year so that they can close the gap in their knowledge quickly 
— L. Finch, Kindergarten Teacher
I have been using Mister Smith’s Letter Recognition Program in my classroom this year. The students that I work with have IEP’s and many cannot identify or name letters when using traditional flashcards. My struggling students have made amazing gains this year due to Mister Smith’s Program. I look forward to using this program as well as the sound cards and CVC word cards in years to come. 
— T. Hajba, K-1 Special Education Teacher
I had several students that were struggling to learn their letters, even after several weeks of working with them. I started using Mister Smith’s program and there was a marked difference in their letter recognition in only a few days. The cards are so easy for teachers and parents to use and my students love using them! Not only did these struggling students have success in learning letters and sounds, they also gained a lot of confidence! If you are looking for an easy and engaging way to teach letters and sounds, you should check out Mister Smith’s products.
— T. Assa, Kindergarten teacher