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Mister Smith’s Learning program has allowed my struggling, low-motivation learners to quickly access their letters and sounds. It is not the ‘same old’ flashcards. The students know that it is fun but that ti isn’t a game- it is learning that they are succeeding at!  The multi-sensory approach has provided multiple access points, or hooks, for learners who haven’t met with success using traditional flash cards, daily practice and other approaches. In a short amount of daily time over only a few weeks, learners that took 4 weeks to learn 5 letters have learned all 26 letter names. The data shows an equally rapid learning pace for letter sounds as well. I am excited to be able to start my struggling learners off with these cards at the beginning of the year so that they can close the gap in their knowledge quickly 
— L. Finch, Kindergarten Teacher
I have been using Mister Smith’s Letter Recognition Program in my classroom this year. The students that I work with have IEP’s and many cannot identify or name letters when using traditional flashcards. My struggling students have made amazing gains this year due to Mister Smith’s Program. I look forward to using this program as well as the sound cards and CVC word cards in years to come. 
— T. Hajba, K-1 Special Education Teacher